Until Now

by Robert W Brewer

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All words and music by Robert W. Brewer


released February 14, 2017

Robert W Brewer, vocals, piano
Emily Saine, vocals
Andrew Mails, guitar
Ben Blozan, bass synth.



all rights reserved


RW Greensboro, North Carolina

Singer Song Writer

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Track Name: Anthem
©2014 Robert W. Brewer

This is not mine to own or possess.
I have no need for selfishness.
I know love that is strong is free to roam.
Every time I try to pin it down.
I try to hold it with a rope or a crown,
But it won’t let my heart be its happy home
Until I let it go on.

This is the hope for us all.
There is more room in our souls
For grace and hope and love and a song.
This song is the song of the redeemed.
This is the anthem we will sing
Until the whole world sings along,
Until we all sing along.

If I want my dreams to come true,
I must dream more than just me and you.
I must dream, a dream that’s as big as the whole world.
And If I want my faith to be found,
If I want to be saved in this town,
Then I must think of God as being round,
And live my life on this ground.

And if there’s someone one in the crowd
Who cannot sing for themselves
Who’s afraid, or lost, or alone.
We’ll sing for them.
We’ll stand for them.
Will give to them this song.
Track Name: Parousia
© 2008 Robert W. Brewer

The stage will be set. The mountains made flat.
The valley will touch the sky.
The stars will be still. The moon will be filled.
The angels will sing a lullaby

For the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.
And the children will say this is your day.
For the poor will inherit the earth, the meek they will give birth
To the kingdom, the kingdom--

The thief will break in; steal away all my sin
And leave nothing behind.
For the choice will be made; the path will be straight.
Who could ever be denied?

For the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.
And the children will say this is your day.
Track Name: I Belong to You
I Belong to You
© 2106 Robert W. Brewer

With strong hands you held me as a child.
The smell of coffee, smoke in my eyes.
The tender of love of your calm embrace.
The edge of life upon your face.
I belong to you.
Every hero has his day.
Every battle field will fade.
And now I’m left standing in your shoes.
But I belong to you and you belong to me.

Everybody’s got a love that’s never over.
Everybody’s got a time that’s never done.
I don’t want to say it’s about getting older,
But everyday has its setting sun.
Oh, a new day will come.

Two thousand miles and too many years,
Too much sorrow, too much to bear,
We had hope, we’d make it last,
But what we lost cannot be left.
I belong to you.
Every life has its way.
Every love is not the same,
And now we know that we can make it through,
I belong to you, and you belong to me.

I’ve never made it own my own.
Every past is never gone.
Every choice we make was never free.
Because I belong to you,
And you belong to me.
Track Name: Until Now
Until Now
© 2106 Robert W. Brewer

I woke up this morning
And put my feet on the ground.
It’s like the first time
I’ve been able to stand by myself,
And be at home.
I’ve come home.

So how do I live now,
In a world so strange?
Speaking a language,
I’ve never been able to tame,
Until now, Until now.

I have found out
The wolf can lie down with the lamb.
There’s a peace in this broken land,
Where hope can be found again
In a future to come;
It will come.

If I could tell myself then
What I know now
I’d say
Hold on, Hold on,
Hold on.
Track Name: Go to California
Go to California
© 2015 Robert W. Brewer

I went to the Doctor this morning.
I need to take away this pain.
I don’t know how to deal with what I’m feelin’.
I want to hold on to everything.

She said, “Don’t worry about tomorrow.”
She said, “Don’t worry about today."
Cause there’s little sorrow and nothing to borrow
When your troubles are miles away,
You know you cannot stay.

She said, “Go to California.”
She said “Go where the skies don’t change.”
You can make yourself a home but don’t live there too long.
You’ve got to give your life away.
You’ve got to give your life away.

Nothing last forever.
Not even what we think matters.
I wish I could store all that’s lost in the world.
I would hold us all together.

She said, “Maybe there are angels in heaven.”
She said, “Maybe there’s love out that way.”
The saints had to know what the ancient book told.
With love you’ve got to make a change,
With love you’ve got to give it away.